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Deep clean the seabed

The backdrop clean it thoroughly.

Today, whether dredging rivers and canals, maintaining dams, reservoirs, harbours or nourishing beaches, cleaning the seabed requires highly specialised products and services and equally competent and specialised companies able to offer quality and high safety products and systems.

With this need in mind, DRAGFLOW and G.D.M. have joined forces to create a partnership that enables excellence in dredging and seabed cleaning operations.

DRAGFLOW manufactures submersible pumps and dredging systems and is internationally recognised for the most demanding dredging projects.

G.D.M., a leader in customised equipment, designs and manufactures industrial booms for dredging units, specific to each machine and environment.


Together the two companies are able to:

  • Improve the quality of the activities carried out and the services provided, guaranteeing a high degree of customer satisfaction;
  • Offer a wider range of products and services in line with customer requirements;
  • Offer an even more efficient and effective service;
  • To turn to specialised and complementary suppliers.

The collaboration between the two Italian companies allows them to exploit the skills of their respective brands to extend their respective potential and offer an increasingly demanding public products and services from which collaborations can be built to strengthen over time.

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