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DH30 demolishes a vehicle in 20 minutes

Demolish demolition time!

GDM produces the «Demolition Hand» DH 30, a formidable tool capable of carrying out the complex task of removing and separating recoverable parts for recycling quickly, effectively and in total safety.

The Demolition Hand DH 30 complies with all regulations on how end-of-life vehicles must be treated (Legislative Decree no. 209 of 24 June 2003 ‘Implementation of Directive 2000/53/EC, corrected and supplemented by Legislative Decree 149 of 23/02/2006).

Within the framework of this legislation, for all operators in the sector, GDM snc has developed a dedicated equipment, capable of considerably increasing the speed and quantity of the work performed, carrying out the complete sorting of all vehicle components in just 20 minutes.

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