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GDM organized expedition of 23 buckets to Algiers: a deep-rooted relationship with the african country

GDM, in recent days, has sent to the port of Algiers un important cargo destined to the North Africa Market.

It consists of 23 buckets, of various type:

  • Standard Bucket: suitable for digging trenches and removing in medium consistency soils;
  • Excavation HD Bucket (Heavy Duty), aimed at penetration into hard, but not particularly abrasive soils;
  • Rock Bucket: characterized by reinforcements for excavation on very hard ground, which require considerable resistance to wear.

All buckets are for excavators Hyunday.

A new confirmation of the significant presence of GDM on an important market such as the Algerian one, in which it has been investing for years: on one hand with frequent commercial tours, on the other hand by participating in the two annual fairs held in the capital Algeri (Sitp and Batimatec).

Also in Algeria, as in all the markets in which it operates, GDM proposes itself not only as a products furnisher, but as a commercial partner able both, to design and manufacture buckets according to the customer’s wishes and, dealing with the logistics and delivery of the equipment.

A complete service, also implemented on the occasion of this recent shipment.