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GDM: Dozer blade with Compass folding

Tailor-Made Design to optimise field performances and Logistics

G.D.M. Snc, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that deals with the design and manufacture of customised equipment for the customer, starting from the project to the total management of logistics

Our services of Special Equipment Design and Careful Transportation Service are well summarized by the DOZER BLADE WITH COMPASS CLOSURE.

The length of a standard Dozer Blade exceeds the 2.5 metre dimension of normal transport platforms, complicating their deployment.

A tailor-made design was therefore developed by our Technical Department, with the help of the most advanced computer resources on the market.

The equipment was modified by cutting the blade on one side and making a hinge to allow it to fold like a book, giving it two different configurations. The first, fully extended, to make the most of its ability to pick up and move materials during use in the field, and the second, with one side folded to make it easy to transport.

This is just one example of what our company can offer. The study and creation of special equipment, designed and tailored to the needs of the customer, is what characterises our work.

Below is the link to our YOUTUBE channel, where you can watch some short videos on other special achievements such as Elevating Cabins and Special Booms and Transformations.